A New Journey

If I had been told a year ago I would go into this school year as a homeschooling mom, I would have laughed. Last school year looked incredibly different than this year.

We are now falling upon a new school year. Instead of attending staff inservice days and making sure all the student schedules at school are set, I am teaching my own children math and figuring out what works best in our daily schedule. This time last year, I was preparing to tell my principal that I was expecting my third child. This year, I am holding a teething toy in my hand, a five-month-old in my arm, and helping my four-year-old write the letter ‘M.’

I am a few days into our homeschooling, and I have already asked myself what on earth I am doing. Have you had the feeling like you are just in over your head?

There are so many newcomers to homeschooling this year, and I have seen so many comments about feeling inadequate. Parents concerned about teaching their child when they just barely graduated from high school themselves. Being someone who has worked in a school building for the past six years, I can say I feel exactly the same.

As I lay here next to E, my five-month-old, trying to get her to take her nap (her second one of the day, after she only napped for an hour the first time, when she normally naps for two), I wonder what on earth I am doing. How can I manage this? How can I teach my A, my second grader when she doesn’t want to pay attention? Plus try to teach L, my preschooler, his letters? Aaaand deal with a baby crying because she didn’t take a long-enough nap?

Anyone else ever feel like this?

I had a full-time job. My kids were in school or daycare. Although my job as a school counselor was stressful and included many long days, I knew what I was doing and could do it well.

This is a whole new ballgame.

Buuuut. I’ve got this. You’ve got this. There are going to be hard days. Absolutely. Days where I just want to give up. But I will keep telling myself that it’s all worth it. My kids will learn. They will. It might get frustrating, but they will learn. Even better: I get to be with them through it all.

I get to watch my infant grow to be a toddler (no missing the first time she crawls or walks!). I get to watch my preschooler learn letters and sounding out new words (and maybe even read a book or two by himself!). I get to watch my second grader discover new things and grow as much as she wants (and also slow down and work more on the harder stuff).

It’s all worth it. I’ve got this. You’ve got this.

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