Creating a homeschool room

Shortly after we decided that I would be homeschooling our kids this year, we also decided to turn one of our bedrooms into the homeschool room (sorry, E, no nursery room for you—not like she ever would have slept in there anyway…).

The most fantastic part: we had many of the supplies already, so we hardly spent anything on setting up our school room.

Shelving was a must, so that we could store all of our books and curriculum. We already had both bookshelves, and neither were really serving much purpose in their precious locations.

We had an extra dresser, and it is perfect to carry so many of our supplies! Games, school supplies, extra workbooks.

We have had these storage cubes for many years. They were only holding stuffed animals prior to being used in our school room. Some of the space still contains stuffed animals, but one of the cubes was saved for E’s toys. She needs things to do while we are learning, too!

The pillows came from my school office. I had purchased them myself years ago, but they don’t really have a purpose being at school right now. L really enjoys this area. When I am working with A, he likes to take a break and lay on them.

Our whiteboard is homemade! We had a sheet of plywood already. All I did was add whiteboard contact paper and edge it with duct tape! Super simple and super cheap!

Our table was one thing we did purchase from the local thrift store. $20 got us the table (with two leaves) and two chairs! Score!

This is the only wall that I painted. We already had the paint from past painting projects. However, I did purchase some awesome clear chalkboard paint! One small can covered the wall with two coats.

Now I can use it (with chalk marker) to take notes for us to reference later.

I had a ton of fun creating this board! We use it each morning as we get started with our day.

There you have it! Our classroom!

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