Creating a whiteboard

Create your own whiteboard!

When putting together our school room, one thing it definitely needed was a whiteboard. Have you checked lately? Whiteboards are a little expensive. I really didn’t want to pay that much for a large whiteboard, and it didn’t make sense to just buy a small one.

So I made one! (For under $30!!)

Materials used: plywood, whiteboard contact paper, duct tape

We already had the sheet of plywood. Our neighbor was moving and didn’t want to move with a bunch of wood and such. Score!

I ended up using two rolls of the contact paper. The board is about 4 ft x 4 ft.

All I did was smooth the whiteboard contact paper on the plywood. I used a credit card to get the bubbles out. It went on pretty quick.

I was concerned the edges would start to peel, so I lined the board in duct tape. Who knew you could buy burlap print duct tape?!

After I was finished, my husband screwed it to the wall (and into the studs).

Sheet of Plywood: Free for us, since we already had it.

Burlap Duct Tape from Walmart: $3.48

Whiteboard Contact Paper x 2 from Amazon: $22.00

Total: $25.48!

There you have it! A much cheaper option!

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