Field Day!

Last spring, when school was shut down due to Covid-19, we got stuck in a rut.

E had just been born, so my days were filled with constant feedings and sleeping baby. Some days I felt like I never left the chair…

My husband was still working (he is a teacher, so he was home, but in constant Zoom meetings). My kids were getting bored and still trying to adjust to this new life. On top of that, we were still trying to educate A with the work packets that had been sent home from school. Our schooling had no rhyme or reason, no schedule, nothing in-depth. And those packets…A loathed those packets.

We needed a break.

Field day was the perfect way to take time away from everything else. We spent the day outside and had a ton of fun!

We had many activities planned. Some were very basic, such as shooting a ball into a basket or carrying an egg on a spoon.

Others were more difficult, like our chalk obstacle course or having to race with a ball between the knees.

Yes, we made medals out of string and paper!

In the end, medals were won, and we all had a great time outside.

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