Take care…of you!

Hey homeschool parent (and even non-homeschool parents!!).

Are you taking care of yourself?

Here’s the part where you can fully call me a hypocrite. I struggle in this area. Hard.

I am a perfectionist. I find life works so much better when everything is just so. The downside is life is not anywhere near perfect, and I get frustrated when it isn’t.

I NEED the house to be cleaned daily. Anyone else get anxious with a cluttered, messy house? 🙋‍♀️ What does a house with children who are home all day look like? 😂

The pictures below aren’t from my children. It was from once upon a time when we thought having a Roomba would be a good idea…

I also want so badly for my children to be excited for school, and the reality is that they often are not. I’m also slowly learning that their excitement is there, just not where I WANT it to be. They might not be excited about working in their math books, but they sure had a lot of questions when we sat and watched the ants by our mailbox. They were moving their eggs and trying to figure out what to do with the piece of chocolate cracker from A’s dessert of ice cream sandwich that dropped. It’s all learning!

Playtime is school time, too!

I also very much wanted our curriculum to be nature-based. Unfortunately, I forgot the part where I also want my children to do some rigorous work. Not all rigorous, by any means, just some. I don’t want them to feel left behind in comparison to their public school friends. However, I constantly need to remind myself that I feel this way because I am so new at this. I’ve only known and understood public school education. They will learn. Trust the process.

Outside classroom

I am also trying to homeschool while I have an infant who hates to nap alone. Long gone are my dreams of E napping while my other two happily work in our homeschool room, as I work with them, side by side.

Needless to say, days get stressful. I am currently writing this as I am STILL putting my infant down for her nap (an hour later) and one of the kids let the dog out and he is now loudly barking to be let back in. (Insert manic laughing leading to ugly sobbing).


…Anywho. So, um. Self-care? Yes! Here are some thoughts:

You can easily search ideas for self-care. There’s millions of them out there. Read a book. Take a bath. Take a bath while reading a book. Listen to music. Do yoga. Go for a walk. Paint something. Etc., etc., etc.

Anything that gets me outside helps to lower my stress level.

Here’s another thought on self-care (calling myself out on this one!!!): do it. Actually do it. Don’t make excuses, don’t think of all the dishes that need to be done. Just do it. Mark at least one day each week on your calendar and do something.

Hiking is a great way to get some free time.

Also, I’m very easily lead to guilt. If I take time to do something for myself, my husband has to watch all three kids, and that’s stressful—I should know!! E could be crying and needing to eat (she doesn’t really, since I always feed her prior). E could need a nap, and that’s stressful, too! I do feel guilty when my husband has to take it all on, just so I can have a break. (The wonderful and amazing thing is that he is so supportive of giving me time for myself, and even if it is stressful, he doesn’t show it). I’m working on this area, the not feeling guilty, and that’s okay. If I have no areas in which I can grow in life, then what am I doing? Having a supportive partner helps, too.

So take some time for yourself. You deserve it. What do you do to take care of yourself?

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